PLUS Adopted By Major Publishers

Three major publishers have called for the adoption of the PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System) standards by picture archives, photographersand all other image suppliers.

Representatives of McGraw Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,and Pearson each announced that they will adopt the PLUS Picture Licensing Glossarydefinitions in their contracts, and that they encourage image suppliers to begin embedding PLUS license metadata in all images within one year. The publishers voiced their support at the “PLUS Takes Root in the Publishing Industry” event hosted by the Picture Archive Councilof America, during their International Conference in New York City.

The PLUS standards were developed by the PLUS Coalition, an international non-profit organization dedicated to simplifying and facilitating the communication and management of image rights. In the PLUS Coalition, publishers, picture archives,photographers, illustrators, designers, advertising agencies, museums, libraries, artist representatives, educational institutions, manufacturers and their associations collaboratetoward that shared goal. The PLUS standards allow rights and attribution information totravel within image files in a machine-readable format that provides instant access and universal understanding.

“We are very pleased that these major publishers – the largest image licensees in the industry – are aligned in their support of the PLUS standards,” said Maria Kessler, President of the Picture Archive Association of America.

Bonnie Beacher, Senior Director of Contracts, Copyrights and Permissions at McGraw-HillEducation, said “The PLUS standards benefit publishers and their suppliers by simplifying and clarifying the process of licensing and managing images. We are in the process of implementing PLUS standards, and we would find it very useful for our image suppliers to adopt PLUS standards as well.”

Jeff Sedlik, President & CEO of the PLUS Coalition, said “The PLUS standards will allowpublishers to leverage embedded license metadata to increase automation and more efficiently manage images in their digital asset management systems.”

The PLUS Coalition includes participants in thirty countries, and receives significant support from Leadership Circle members Adobe, Adbase, Adobe, Pentagram, Jupiterimages,Digimarc, Belay Development, Getty Images, IDEAlliance, ImageSpan, Photo District News,IPTC, NAPP, PACA, StockPhotoFinder, Swan Turton, WongDoody and Capture.

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