Three Of The Best - Web Resources for Celebrity Keywording

When it comes to checking names, finding out intricate details of people's careers and working out what episode of Seinfeld hosted a certain guest star, there are three resources you can't go past.

We get asked for a lot of weird and wonderful detail to be included in celebrity/entertainment images. Whilst in the vastness of the internet you can find a lot of information to help with your metadata - fan sites, model agency sites, and so on, you can't go past these three for depth of information, ease of use and all round reliability.

1. The information available about TV Shows, music and movies is astoundingly detailed and reliable. Some things, such as who appeared in which episode of a sitcom, on which week, is absolutely mind boggling. If you ever need to include a piece of information about a star or their work in your metadata and have no idea how to get it, Wikipedia could save your bacon.

2. (The Internet Movie Database). The absolute bible in terms of the spelling of stars' names and of cataloguing their various projects, acting, directing, whatever. There are many "official" and fan sites out there, but you'd be amazed how often their information is wrong.

3. Kind of like IMDB but covers virtually every aspect (or so it seems) of fame and famous people in business, sport, entertainment and much, much more. Here's what they say about themselves on the site:
NNDB is an intelligence aggregator that tracks the activities of people we have determined to be noteworthy, both living and dead. Superficially, it seems much like a "Who's Who" where a noted person's curriculum vitae is available (the usual information such as date of birth, a biography, and other essential facts.)
But it mostly exists to document the connections between people, many of which are not always obvious. A person's otherwise inexplicable behavior is often understood by examining the crowd that person has been associating with.