Fashionable Keywords Are No Substitute For Quality Keywords

I've read quite a bit recently about the idea that image sales can be boosted by using the most popular current keywords. It's a nice idea, but don't be fooled into thinking this is some magic bullet to boost sales.

Having good keywording is essential to boost sales, but we recommend that you use quality keywords and not worry too much about what keywords are said to be th most used currently.

Here are the reasons why:

1. How do you know for sure that the "hot" keywords do what their promoters suggest? If you feel tempted to trust the claims, then ask for some documented evidence first.

2. Fashions come and go. So what might be a "hot" keyword now, might be an unpopular keyword later.

3. Focusing on a hot list may distract you from full, quality keywording for a wide range of uses.

4. You may be tempted to use "hot" keywords because they are "hot" rather than because they are relevant. "Togetherness" might be a current favourite, but there's not much use putting that into a picture of a carrot. Pretty soon you are on the road to keyword spamming and having your images rejected.

5. Perhaps most importantly, your images may become a small fish in a big pool. If everyone keywords with exactly the same keywords then it will be a lottery as to which turns up in any given search. So by all means include whatever words you think will help, but it may be that slight variations, using different synonyms and so forth will produce even better results by making you a big fish in a smaller pool of results. Variety has its advantages.