Model Release Info Can't Be Forgotten For Getty Submission

Model release information is crucial for submissions to Getty Images, so make sure your paperwork and keywords are up to scratch.

In the January Getty metadata guidelines it is made clear that ages and ethnicities need to be included in metadata on the basis of the accurate information contained in model releases.

No matter how plausible, guessing this information isn't acceptable.

According to the Getty Search Data Review Team:

"If an image has people but no model release details to work from you can apply very broad age terms such as adult, child or baby but you should avoid guessing more specific ages.

"Please remember there are legal issues around model ages if the image it to be used for certain types of advertising such as alcohol or tobacco where they have to be of a legal age to consume these products. So we do need to be careful.

"You should never guess an ethnicity, those keywords must be supported by a model release to be applied."

So when keywording your images for submission to Getty - or when outsourcing your keywording - it is imperative that model release and keywords match. We have heard of some photo libraries and photographers who have unfortunately had their images rejected because of this problem, so be careful.