Unlocking The Goldmine

Museums, lending libraries, publishing companies and many other "non" photo libraries are sitting on goldmines of images.

Ever since the digital revolution began, the cost of transmitting images across the world has fallen dramatically. With the advent of digital cameras and cheap scanning prices, the cost of selling those images has fallen further.

What has continued to be a barrier however is the cost of actually doing the selling, monitoring usage, negotiating prices and keeping track of all of the above.

These days, even that cost is coming down with the likes of Photoshelter, and now ImageSpan's LicenseStream, offering cost-effective ways of marketing images without the need to employ a group of dedicated sales people and managers.

Many of the functions of a digital photo library are now being done for a small fee, even to the point of tracking illegal usages and selling directly on Google.

The last part of the mix is to have those images keyworded so they can be found in the first place.

So for the less traditional sources of photography, or video for that matter, the time of opportunity is now at hand.