Image Triage, Sorting the Wheat From the Chaff to Save Time and Unlock Sales

Unsure which of your images are worth keywording, or those which are worth trying to sell? Worried because your archive is poorly organised in computer folders? You could be in need of Image Triage.

In the past year we've worked with a number of clients who have been confronted with a problem of working out how to make money from their library of unkeyworded or poorly keyworded images. In many instances, full keywording of every shot would be prohibitively expensive. Often identifiable sections of archives are so unlikely to be in demand it's not worth doing anything with those images.

The trick is to know where to draw the lines.

Our Image Triage service addresses those problems by having our senior staff look through an archive and recommend a keywording/sales plan based on those images which would benefit from:

1. A high-level of keywording for the most saleable, some or all of which might be offered for sale through a third party such as Alamy.

2. Minimal keywording and metadata revision for images with lesser sales potential.

3. No additional metadata, or only the tiniest amount such as a name or small caption.

Clients have been pleasantly surprised by how much time and money they were able to save by working with our team. In some cases we've been able to recommend options which have changed the idea of marketing an archive from a major headache to an achievable plan. This includes recommendations as to the keywording standard which would best suit the uses the images would be put to.

Unfortunately some archives exist only as a rambling collection of images in poorly named, disorganised files and folders. Sometimes images are lumped in with Word documents or other files based around particular projects.

In those cases we can catalogue the folders, sift out the images, eliminate duplicates and poor-quality images if required, and reorganise the files and folders into a meaningful structure. This can give people a much better idea of the number of images they have and their quality. Even if no keywording takes place, this can be a valuable step in making images more accessible.

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