ProPhotoFiler - A New Option for Photographers Wanting to Transmit Their Images

Distributing images to an array of photo libraries, news agencies, editors and colleagues is often a time-consuming task to organise, and challenges bandwidth at the best of times. That's why I was interested to find ProPhotoFiler which looks like it could be an answer to transmission problems for photographers in the field, whether in a war zone or a "shoot out" at a movie premiere.

PPF is the brainchild of American news photographer David Gross who decided a low-bandwidth, no-frills way of sending images was needed after a news agency lost a series of images he had been sending them for several hours from a Baghdad cafe.

The result is pretty much what he had in mind. The pages of the web site are unburdened by graphics, and no bandwidth is wasted in transmission which goes through the browser.

What's most surprising though is the number of features that have been crammed into this low-overhead service. You can elect to send a mix of emails and transmissions via FTP, plus your image sets can be turned into contact sheets. There's even a caption translater.

That means the various end-users you are sending to don't have to be plugged into a proprietory system. Provided they have FTP or email you should be good to go.

Sign-up and set-up are straightforward and are an object lesson in how to make a system easy to understand without the need for a salesperson, tech guy or other intermediary having to help you through the steps.

I understand that further development of the site is likely, but even as it is, PFF is a more than useful addition to the options for multiple transmission, and at a reasonable cost.