Stop Being an Image Slave and Get Your Life Back

Did you hear the one about the photo agency owner who worked all the hours that God sent sending his images out to clients and keywording them?

He knew that both functions were vital but decided he couldn't afford to pay someone else to do them.

If he'd spent time looking at the true cost of his decision he would have realised that as a photographer he could have been earning a couple of hundred dollars an hour. As a photo sales person he could have earned $50 an hour.

But he was choosing to do keywording and transmission work that paid only $25 an hour. To make matters worse, his keywords weren't that good. The result was he was holding back sales which meant the value of his labour was less than the money he cost the company.

False economy is a big reason why people in the picture business suffer from burn out or find the industry isn't as much fun as it used to be. It is also a contributor to business failure.

By outsourcing keywording, workflow and distribution of images he could have achieved the following:

1. Got a good nights sleep.
2. Spent more time with his family and friends.
3. Had the chance to spend more time doing photography, his first passion.
4. Made more money.
5. Improved his health.
6. Saved his sanity.