Piksee Software Speeds Live Image Workflow

News and celebrity photo agencies will soon have a time-efficient way to add keywording to their live image production, thanks to the advent of Piksee workflow software.

By taking a fresh approach to the problem of organising and processing image sets, Piksee - developed by Keedup - can handle large volumes of pictures with minimal loss of time, whilst also reducing internet data traffic by 90%.

Where news and celebrity images once went out to clients and sub-agents with hardly any metadata, there is now the opportunity to get the information into the IPTC fields of the images from the beginning.

The breakthrough with Piksee is that it allows keywords to be added to high-resolution images without them having to leave our clients’ servers.  Previously the only way to keyword images where they stood, was by using a VPN or browser system, normally one image at a time which is extremely slow.

Piksee in operation at Keedup's Auckland office

To do the keywording itself, it is far faster to use Keedup's customised keywording systems, but that has meant having high-resolution images sent by FTP, and returned the same way.  Piksee uses a system of sampling the high-res images and writing back only the tiny amount of actual metadata.  It also avoids having to use clumsy and slow FTP.

Keedup developers studied the sort of production line principles used by companies such as Toyota so that image sets were “assembled” automatically and processed in an orderly fashion, syncing seamlessly with Keedup’s keywording software.

When they studied the workflow process they found time was being lost in numerous areas such as in the time it took for an FTP server to recognise an image was ready to be sent.  Plus when large numbers of images were being transmitted, sets of images often took too long to be received because part of the set was stuck way back in the queue.

Piksee has been written in Java to operate with Mac and PC, and the emphasis is on versatility and simplicity. It can be installed and operated with minimum of fuss.  If the keywording software were to be changed or updated, Piksee would work with that.  No complicated database or software is needed at the client end.

Everything is controlled by Keedup's Image-Eye Server which is similar to the All Seeing Eye software used by gaming companies to allow players to interact from anywhere in the world.  So distance is not a barrier to speed.

This also means it is easy for Piksee to be plugged into existing client workflows, something that photo agencies are very concerned about.

Beyond the speed and efficiency gains, Piksee gives clients an easy way to monitor progress with their own client window, and allows detailed performance monitoring by Keedup staff.

Piksee has taken a year to write and test, and is already being deployed for one of Keedup’s major clients.

For more information, contact Kevin Townsend kevint@keedup.com