Inhouse vs Outsourced - Now You Can Work Out Which is Cheaper Using the Keywordingcentral Calculator

Inhouse keywording is the preference of many image and video libraries.  But how many companies preferring to do their own keywording have an accurate idea of the cost?  Keywording Central has created a calculator to help answer the question of which is cheaper - inhouse or outsourced?

To get a copy of the calculator, just send a request here:

Once you've got the calculator, all you have to do is fill in the yellow spaces with information about keyworders' pay rates, the number of days holiday and so forth.  The calculator does the rest.

Almost everyone under-estimates the cost of inhouse keywording, so this is an attempt to include as many of the hidden costs as possible - things like rent and health insurance.  Even so, this will undoubtedly still not include some amounts, as the calculator has focused on the most important ones.  If necessary, the rent figure can be loaded up to include other overheads.

One important factor which is included - in a separate spreadsheet linked to the main calculator - is the cost of delaying getting images and videos on the market.  This is often a massive cost - way more than the cost of keywording itself - yet many photo libraries will hang on to images for weeks if not months waiting until the staff get around to doing the work.  The long and short of it is that time is money, and that cost needs to be taken into account when opting not to outsource.