Turn Videos Into Stills To Save Keywording Time and Money

The time and expense of keywording video can be prohibitively high when clips are longer than a few seconds.  But there is a way to avoid that problem - by converting clips into a page of thumbnails.

Using one of the numerous thumbnail makers on the market, such as Scorp, you can display the important imagery within a video in a single still image.

By doing so, the keyworder no longer has to manipulate the clip to check what is in it, either by speeding up the video (dragging the control), or more slowly watching it in real time.  The major scenes in the video are revealed instantly and simultaneously (no chance to forget a crucial part of the video either).  This can save considerable time and make keywording more cost effective and accurate. This is particularly useful where videos last several minutes.

Reducing the large video file to a jpeg still, makes it faster and more economic to send across the internet to other companies to be keyworded.  Problems of software compatibility for various video file formats are also eliminated.

And the keyworded still itself can be used to give another search option to people looking for videos on the web.

Use of thumbnail stills will not work well, of course, where audio is important, but otherwise it is certainly something worth investigating.