Trojan Horse Marketing Utilises Keywording

Keywording is a great way to make sure your images are found ahead of your competitors', so why not use them to help with a Trojan Horse marketing campaign to get your images noticed in the market?

A client recently approached us to keyword his images, but not primarily to help people searching his web site.  His theory was that whilst his existing customers knew about the standard of his photography, he was finding it hard to get his name known elsewhere.

His solution was to get together a few thousand images for submission to third party photo libraries such as Alamy, Getty and Fotosearch, have them extensively keyworded to a high standard, then reap the rewards of having his images rise like cream to the top of photo searches.

Whilst in the real world things never work quite that smoothly, the basic plan is sound:  by putting images (or video clips for that matter) into the general market, your name, or the name of your company, can become better known and general sales can improve.

Some things to bear in mind when conducting such a campaign:-

1. Use a representative, high-quality sample of your work.
2. Don't make the sample too small - that will mean your Trojan Horse will be too small to be seen, defeating the purpose of the exercise.  Think thousands not hundreds.
3.  Make sure your keywording is absolutely top-notch and meets the requirements of the libraries you are contributing to.
4.  If there is an option to include web addresses, phone numbers and so on in the metadata then make sure they are in there.  There is no point people finding your wonderful imagery, then not knowing how to contact you.
5.  Celebrity photographers/agencies in particular should also be thinking about how good keywording could bring images to the top of searches on sites of sub-agents in foreign territories.